2018-2019 Teacher and Employee of the Year Awards

Teacher and Employee of the Year Awards


Last night at the annual Teacher and Employee of the Year Awards, Thursday, May 16, 2019, GISD came together to honor the unsung heroes of our community, our amazing teachers and school district staff.


Their lives are dedicated to our most valuable asset in Galveston: our children. Teaching is a profession of passion, where ensuring student success far outweighs the long hours and tireless work.


We are honored to present Galveston Independent School District’s best and brightest stars. Drum Roll Please..... 2018-2019 Winners:

• Elementary Teacher of the Year Winner—Sara Smart, Parker Elementary

• Secondary Teacher of the Year Winner—Amy Lakich, AIM College & Career Prep

• Professional Employee of the Year Winner—Janita Washington, L.A. Morgan Elementary 

• Auxiliary Employee of the Year Winner—Terri Ward, Crenshaw School 

• Elementary Rookie of the Year—Ana Benavides, , L.A. Morgan Elementary 

• Secondary Rookie of the Year—Daissy Gonzalez, Ball High School



Sara Smart


Amy Lakich


Janita Washington


Terri Ward


Ana Benavides


Daissy Gonzalez


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