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Leveraging Data for Performance Education

What is DecisionEd?

DecisionEd provides your school district with a robust data infrastructure that is open, manageable, and easily customizable. Using a SQL Server foundation, DecisionEd mines data from existing district sources, and then consolidates it into a central repository integrating it across the district.

Tapping into a single source of information, each stakeholder works securely from the same source. Your staff can focus on analyzing and understanding their data, instead of endlessly compiling information.

All your data is secure. Your district’s data security policies are embedded in our pre-existing security roles and new roles can be added as required. Your district’s rules control who can access student data or other sensitive data.

DecisionEd provides your district with a data warehouse built on industry-recognized Kimball methodology and star schema models. This repository allows your staff to view existing data via dashboards, reports, alerts, and analytics.