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Doc's Ethnomusicology Videos

Djembe & Conga Drums (Africa)

Thumb Piano (Mbira) (Africa)

Talking Drum and Slit Log Drum (Africa)

Dumbek (North Africa)

Sabar Nder (Senegal)

Enanga (Uganda)

Steel Pan (Steel Drum) Caribbean Islands

Native American Sounds (North America)

Guitaron (Mexico)

Vihuela (Mexico)

Mountain Dulcimer (USA)

Afro-Cuban instruments

Cuica (South America)

Balalaika (Russia and Ukraine)

Bouzouki (Greece)

Folk Harp (Europe)

Great Highland Bagpipe (Scotland)

Hindustani Instruments (India)

Folk Flutes (Asia)

Antique cymbals (Asia)

Hawaiian (Polynesian)

Yidaki (didgeridoo) Australia

Maori Stick Game: Polynesia