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Gifted and Talented

Service Goals

  • To provide enrichment services which meet the unique needs of intellectually gifted children
  • To provide activities which develop the skills needed for: critical thinking, problem solving, logic, higher-order thinking, creativity, and research
  • To develop in the students an awareness of, and positive attitudes toward, their giftedness
  • To provide opportunities for the interaction of gifted children
  • To provide students with time and the skills needed to explore topics in depth and of individual interest

Galveston ISD provides academically challenging learning experiences for Gifted and Talented (GT) students. We provide in-school opportunities, and when possible, out-of-school opportunities throughout the school year.

Our program serves students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. Students in First through Fourth Grade receive instruction through a self-contained or clustered classroom. Identified gifted and talented students receive rigorous academic instruction with a strong focus on pacing, depth, and complexity. Differentiation of instruction for identified students is a regular part of their instructional services as well.

At the middle school level, students are clustered and/or offered enrollment in advanced courses, designed specifically for English/language arts, math, science, and social studies.

At the high school level, students receive a variety of advanced placement opportunities through enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors courses.

Galveston ISD is committed to providing developmentally appropriate activities for the gifted and talented. The district values the unique human potential possessed by these students. Our ultimate vision is to nurture and maximize the intellectual, social, emotional, and creative potential of each student. 

GT students will have the opportunity to:

  • Work together as a group
  • Work with other gifted students
  • Work independently