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Credit By Exam (CBE)


Credit by Exam (CBE) provides a way for students to skip a grade level or receive credit in a subject area. Students must be registered in a Galveston ISD school in order to be eligible for CBE.

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade may test to move ahead one grade level. Middle and high school students may earn credit in a course that they have not taken or under certain circumstances may earn credit for a course which they took but for which they did not receive credit.

Elementary students must take exams in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts. Students who demonstrate 80% or higher mastery on all four tests will be considered for advancement to the next grade level.

Middle and high school students who wish to earn credit for a course, in which they have had no prior formal instruction, may test through credit by exam. Students must demonstrate 80% or higher mastery on the exam in order to earn credit. Students are encouraged to review the course objectives and exam specifications before applying for a CBE.

Students and parents should be aware that these exams are academically challenging and cover the TEKS for the entire grade-level and/or subject.

To register for testing, students need to contact their school counselor for an application. For general questions about Credit by Exam contact Gabriel Flores at 409-761-3949.

You can download CBE study guides from