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The mission of Galveston Independent School District’s dyslexia program is to properly identify students with dyslexia, provide academic support that meets their individual needs and assist the student in developing skills to compensate for any difficulties they may have in order to become successful individuals.

Galveston Independent School District offers services to students with dyslexia at each campus. The district uses a variety of instructional models to meet the needs of the student with dyslexia, including pull-out reading instruction, reading and study skills intervention, and classroom accommodations. The goal of these services is for students to gain mastery of skills and concepts to become independent, capable readers.

Link to the Texas Dyslexia Brochure in English and Spanish, and the Handbook in English and Spanish

Dyslexia Handbook English

Dyslexia Handbook Spanish 

Dyslexia Defined  
As defined in TEC §38.003 (The Dyslexia Law):

“Dyslexia” means a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by a difficulty in learning to read, write, or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and socio-cultural opportunity.

  • “Related disorders” includes disorders similar to or related to dyslexia such as developmental auditory imperceptions, dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability.

What If I Suspect My Child Has Dyslexia?
First and foremost, discuss your concerns with your child’s classroom teacher. He or she may be able to reassure you that your child is making appropriate progress. If you continue to be concerned about your child’s progress, contact your child’s assistant principal in writing, expressing your concerns.

All referrals are processed through the Response to Intervention Committee (RTI Committee). The RTI Committee will meet and recommend intervention strategies for the classroom teacher to use in order to help your child. Based on the results of these interventions, your child may or may not be referred on to dyslexia testing, Section 504 or Special Education.

If your child is currently eligible for either Section 504 or Special Education, please contact the appropriate committee with your concerns.  A referral will still be processed, but additional information is required.

Other Dyslexia Resource Links:

Jessica Edwards
Director of Special Education
Galveston Independent School District
Office: 409-761-3920  Fax: 409-765-7917 

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